There's a quick article on some of Bill Gates' predictions -- what happens with mobile and tablet computing, media, and the like. There's the usual suspects present in predictions -- tablet PCs, Microsoft discovering the internet in '95, they even trot out the old 640k-is-enough chestnut.

But, if you look closely at his predictions, you can really understand why Windows Mobile is such a keystone strategy for Microsoft as a whole. When you tie the idea of their older Passport identity system to a "Wallet PC," you can grasp the vastness of Microsoft's hope for mobile technology.

"When wallet PCs have become ubiquitous, we can eliminate the bottlenecks that plague airport terminals, theaters and other places where people queue up to show their identification or a ticket."
"You'll watch a program when it's convenient for you instead of when a broadcaster chooses to air it. You'll shop, order food, contact friends, or publish information for others to use when and as you want to."
(from "The Road Ahead," 1995)
That they dream it, I don't doubt for a second. That they can deliver it in timely fashion, that's the question. We can dream that those are features scheduled for Photon. [via Slashdot]