At GDC Microsoft released a huge list of all of its ID@Xbox games in the works. Anarcute is one of them from the list and we're pretty excited about it. We go hands on with it to see what could make these cute little rioters so deadly.

AnarTeam is the minds behind this deceptively cute game and they are a product of Microsoft's Imagine Cup. So in Anarcute, players control what starts off as a small group of rioters that have taken to the street to oppose the newly formed police state. The group of rioters slowly gets bigger as the player takes down police and add new rioters to its group.

You can take down police by simply attacking them or throwing environmental objects at them. Some police officers like to hide on top of buildings in which you can then take down and send them falling to their doom. However, police officers aren't your only worry as you will also have to avoid mines and other environmental hazards.

Anarcute is slated to release this summer with a planned price point of $15. We hope you enjoyed our hands on coverage of the game as we'll have more headed your way when the expo floor opens.