Siegecraft Commander

Siegecraft Commander from Blowfish Games allows you to create the ultimate medieval fortress. This ID@Xbox game for Xbox One and Windows 10 is a turned based game that has you playing as either humans or lizardmen. Your objective is to try to take out the other race. In order to do this, you must build a vast network of towers which then allow you to add more towers or simply attack your enemy.

There are different types of projectiles and towers to use against your opponent. Later on in the game you can then also spawn either knights or dragons from your towers once they are strong enough. Siegecraft Commander also allows you to pick up two resources which are energy and gold. Once you have obtained an energy it will then modify the types of towers that are available to you.

The game also supports either turn-based multiplayer or real-time multiplayer via online or local. Siegecraft Commander is slated to hit in sometime this summer and they expect it to be a premium game with no free-to-play elements.

If you like games like Defense Grid, you should definitely keep Siegecraft Commander on your radar. Check out a first look in the video above.