We are getting reports from the Windows Phone Central faithful around the world that their Nokia Lumia 920s are starting to receive the eagerly-awaited Amber and GDR2 updates from Nokia and Microsoft. So far, we have heard from readers in Denmark and India who have received the Amber firmware update on their Lumia 920s. There is also word that Microsoft's GDR2 update has made its way to Sweden and Spain. Lumia 920s in Australia began seeing GDR2 earlier today, and we expect that others are en route as well.

Microsoft's GDR2 OS update promises to add new additions like FM radio, call and SMS filters, improvements for Xbox Music and Internet Explorer, Data Sense, and more. As for Nokia's Amber firmware update, it will bring new Nokia-based features, like Smart Cam and much more.

Here's what you can expect to see

If you haven't received your update notification, don't worry. These updates get pushed out in waves to make the process more efficient. Just keep and eye out for a message like the one above.

The countries listed above are just the ones we have gotten reports on. If you've gotten your updates elsewhere in the world, please let us know in the Comments section below.

Thanks to flyingbathtub, Sarang, Erik, and everyone else for the heads up!