While Nokia fans get a lot of attention today, those on Bell and Telus up north are reportedly getting Windows Phone 8 GDR2 as well, starting now. We reported a few days ago that Bell would start pushing out the update today and sure enough, it is live. Likewise, those on Telus and Rogers who have an ATIV S can also check for an update too, delivering a happy surprise for those customers.

The update will bump both the OS 8.0.10327.77 and your firmware to 2212.13.6.1, though users are reporting mixed results in terms of any new features.

At least one user in our forum, ZenBot, reports not much in the way of anything to get excited about:

“At first glance, it looks like this update doesn't have a whole lot to offer beyond "under-the-hood" type stuff. On my Telus ATIV S I see no evidence of FM Radio support, Data Sense support, selectable Default Lens support... kind of disappointing I must say. Hopefully IE will show a wee boost in performance, and battery life as well... I didn't see any added features or controls for managing "Other" data. Perhaps that will be ongoing behind the scenes though. And it may just be my imagination but the screen is looking a tic spiffier too.”

Indeed, we expect that there will be some little fixes, like improved Me Tile profile picture and a fix for Other storage but nothing groundbreaking. 

Our international, unlocked ATIV S is still not receiving any OS or firmware updates quite yet, meaning Samsung still has some work to do for those users as well as those located outside of Canada. Still, at least the rollout has begun.

Thanks, Brenden L., Chad08er and ZenBot for the tips!