Gears hit the Windows Phone Marketplace a short bit ago and if you like puzzle games, you've gotta check it out.

The game premise has you completing the connection between two gears and provide power to the bronze gear. Sounds simple but you have a limited number of various sized gears to work with and at times you are required to turn the bronze gear a certain way. To add to the challenge you have this pesky little thing called gravity that won't allow you to place your connecting gears just anywhere.

The game screen has your connecting gear inventory displayed at the bottom, a reset button and your current level.  Once you accomplish connecting the two gears, you advance to the next level.

Gears has one hundred levels of play, with more on the way, and the only nit I can find with Gears is with how the levels are displayed.  As is, the screen looks crowded and you need a magnifying glass to read the numbers.

Regardless, Gears is an entertaining, addictive, well presented game. Graphics are great, sound effects nice and the game ran smoothly.

There is a free trial version available for Gears that has the first twenty levels of play available. The full version of Gears will run you $1.99 and you can download either here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.