Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Microsoft has added something else to entice Gears of War fans to get the upcoming Gears of War Ultimate Edition for the Xbox One console. People who buy the full version will also get access to the upcoming beta test for the next all-new game in the series shooter series, Gears 4.

Rod Fergusson, the head of Microsoft's Gears of Wars development team The Coaliton, revealed the news via his Twitter account:

"Gears Ultimate Edition will be $39.99 and include early access to a Gears 4 Beta this spring."

In a follow-up message, Fergusson stated:

"Gears Ultimate Edition will include new improved splitscreen for co-op and Versus."

Gears 4 is scheduled for launch in late 2016. Gears of War Ultimate Edition goes on sale on August 25 and Xbox One owners can sign up to play in its own multiplayer beta, which is happening right now and will continue until Tuesday, June 23.

Source: Rod Fergusson (Twitter)