geoDefense has returned as this week's Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week on Windows Phone. Previously taking the title back in November 2011, it's good to see the futuristic light show tower defence game returning with a discounted price tag. The much loved Xbox LIVE title now has an older brother, geoDefense Swarm, but many still power up this classic while on the move.

geoDefense puts the player in charge of forming a tower-based defence around a generated path. This path is where creatures and critters will make their way along to the end where a number displays the remaining lives. Should a creep make their way to this point, a life will be deducted. A solid strategic mind is required to ensure the placement of towers, as well as types used, prevents these pests from making it.

The game was recently updated to Mango back in May earlier this year, which brought Live Tiles, fast-app switching, higher FPS, and more. We were impressed with geoDefense, and in our review we noted that while it's not the finest tower defence game available for Windows Phone, it's certainly one of the more robust and easy-to-learn options.

geoDefense App

At just $1.99 it's a steal and a must-have if you're into strategy games. geoDefense has a number of levels spanning across multiple difficulties to keep the player engaged. The Xbox LIVE achievements bring the extra motivation required to keep placing and battling on.

You can now download geoDefense from the Marketplace for just $1.99 (£1.49).

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