Good news for those with Nokia Lumia 820 or 920s in either Germany (Vodafone) or Italy (Vodafone, H3G) as you can reportedly now fetch the latest OS update for your phone aka ‘Portico’ or build 10211. has been able to verify that the update is rolling out for those in Germany, while our friends in Italy (Plaffo) have received numerous tips that the OS refresh is going out there as well.

Windows Phone 8 10211, as we’ve discussed before, brings numerous fixes and enhancements to the OS, including SMS call reject, persistent Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot and addresses stability issues including those pesky soft-resets.

In addition to the OS update, users can expect new firmware, which on the Lumia 920 fixes the soft-focus problem with the 8.7MP PureView camera (see our before and after comparison here). Other enhancements include audio-leveling and an improved (more sensitive) light sensor.

Old Firmware (L) versus New Firmware (R)

Use can manually check for an update by heading into Settings –> Phone Update –> Check for updates, otherwise they will be notified by a message. The update is downloadable over-the-air and should take about 20 minutes.

Nokia and carriers are expected to rollout Portico over the next few weeks, wrapping up in March.

Via:, Plaffo; Thanks, Ulas, Jannik and Dario for the tip!