I'm a WP7!Looking at the popular app ...I'm a WP7!, we can see from the 152,000+ users of the app that Germany has overtaken the UK for second place with number of Windows Phone 7 users. Of course, the United States remains well ahead with three times the users (30%)--not a surprise with the size of the country nor being Microsoft's home turf. Still, Germany (10%) overtaking the UK (8%) is noteworthy as it shows a growing trend of where the phones are going and where Windows Phone is gaining traction.

However, it will be very interesting to see how this trend continues for two reasons:

  1. In the UK, Nokia is pushing pretty hard with the Lumia 800 in a lot of its shops, mall kiosks, billboards and even taking over entire buildings for promotion. What effect that has on Windows Phone users 60 days from now will be very interesting to see.
  2. Germany faces a particularly unique problem: HTC Windows Phones could soon be banned there and removed from shelves before the holiday season is complete. The problem stems from a ruling by a German court granting an injunction against HTC for a single patent claimed by IPCom (Press Release, PDF). We'll save the analysis of another day (you can read Florian Mueller in the mean time), but with the HTC Titan and Radar being the flagship devices this year, not to mention the near universal praise they have received, this could have a substantial impact on future growth in Germany until this HTC-IPCom patent issue is resolved.

We think with those combined issues, Germany's second place may be short lived here. Needless to say, it will be fascinating to see how these trends continue. Pick up ...I'm a WP! here in the Marketplace.