Microsoft has knocked down prices of several high-end Windows phone devices over the holiday shopping season, with discounts available on its two flagship Lumia devices and the HP Elite x3. Offered as a part of the Holiday Super Sale, price cuts as steep as 40% off can be seen across the Windows 10 Mobile devices on the Microsoft Store.

The biggest price drop can be seen on Microsoft's Lumia 950 XL, plummeting to $299 – 40% lower than the original $499 asking price. It's smaller sibling, the Lumia 950 has also seen a cut from $399 down to $249, but is currently out of stock as of writing.

HP's recently released flagship device, the HP Elite x3 has also been heavily discounted, cutting the price from $799 to $649. This reduction applies to the HP Elite x3 Bundle, which includes the handset and Desk Dock in a single package.

These discounts will be live running up to the holiday season, with guaranteed delivery before the December 24 if purchased by December 20. Make sure to take a look at the Microsoft Store to see the entire range of deals available over the coming week.

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