Find yourself heading to Europe soon for a trip or business? Maybe you already live there, but do travel to different parts of the continent. Download euroTRIP for Windows Phone if any of the above describes you. It’s a beautiful and functional app for Windows Phone that gives you access to basic information for any given country. Let’s check it out.

The app serves as a one-stop shop for getting access to things like emergency numbers, specific traffic laws, basic country info, and more. All of this is inside the app without needing a data connection. Here are the features of the app:

  • 52 European countries
  • Traffic laws, speed limits, compulsory car equipment and documents, safety laws, etc.
  • Emergency numbers (police, ambulance, fire brigade, towing services)
  • 5 most popular sights for every country
  • Driving tips

euroTRIP Screenshots

How could this app be any better? If it was free, which is currently is. That’s right, the app is currently free in the Windows Phone Store and will remain free until tomorrow evening. Even if you aren’t taking a trip to Europe soon get the app! You’ll lock in the free price for any future trips you might have!

Get euroTRIP for free in the Windows Phone Store today! You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: euroTRIP