Lumia 950

Despite some widespread delays from manufacture, UK availability of the Lumia 950 is gradually increasing. The latest is MVNO, giffgaff, where you can buy the phone on monthly installments without committing to a cellular plan.

And as forums member daniel_sherlock points out, that means you can buy one on a monthly plan and use it elsewhere, since giffgaff sells unlocked phones.

"Next went to giffgaff and got the Lumia 950 £19.42pm £25 upfront. You see you can get just a phone contract. You have to take out a reoccurring phone package but you can cancel that after one month. Additional £5. Which I will cancel."

That's one option, of course, but giffgaff has built a reputation for offering good value for money packages on a 30-day rolling agreement. When you buy a Lumia 950 you'll be required to also purchase one of their "goodybags," which will involve a SIM and a 30-day allowance of calls, texts and data. But after that there's no obligation to keep using it.

An example payment plan: Pay £50 up front and then 12 monthly installments of £35.77. It'll cost you more than the outright cost, but it's also still better than going to a carrier and signing in for 24 months paying for both the phone and a contract. The Lumia 950 isn't exactly an impulse buy and this might help a few more folks get their hands on one. The bigger the upfront cost, the lower the monthly installment, and you have a choice of 6, 12, 18 and 24 month repayment plans.

Or you can just buy one outright for the one off payment of £449.

Check out the offer in full at the link below.

Buy the Lumia 950 at giffgaff

Thanks Daniel for the tip!