We’d like to call your attention to Gnomic Studios’ indie game Square Off today. Not just because of the amazing papercraft shown above that I designed for WPCentral’s Square Off review, though it would seem I am happy to show it off again. No, the big news about Square Off is that’s it on sale this weekend. The sale price is 99 cents, a 66% discount off the regular price.

Square Off is a 2D arena-based shooter. Players take control of a Square Avenger – a human/alien hybrid with a jetpack – as he defends the earth from nefarious one-eyed aliens. The game’s got seven levels to blast through, each of which can be played in a never-ending survival mode.

Square Off’s 2.5D graphics (hand-drawn characters on 3D backgrounds) and tight controls really won us over. The full game is on sale for 99 cents until Monday and there is a free trial, so give it a try now while the getting’s good. You’ll find Square Off here on the Marketplace.