Happy Monday, everybody. We have Sprint's planned release date (and some other juicy new details), courtesy of Malatesta. We're confident that the date is correct -- although, as release dates tend to do, the date could possible change. Still and all, we're going to alter our Treo 800w Rumortastic Giveaway at 4pm EST today. What we're going to do is declare that after 4pm EST today, nobody can guess the particular day we have in mind. Other days will still be open for guesses if you doubt a) our source or b) Sprint's ability to deliver.

Here's what we're giving away:

  • A Treo 800w after it is officially released. If they end up calling it something else, well, let's just say we're giving away the next Windows Mobile device Palm releases for the Sprint Network. Got it?
  • An 8 gig microSD Card. Yeah, the WMExperts Store has 8 gig cards now.
  • Any 2 software titles from HobbesIsReal's excellent “Must-Have Windows Mobile Software” article. Sure, Palm will include some “secret recipe” stuff on the 800w, but you can always make Windows Mobile a little better. We believe in the software in Hobbes' article, you should too.

Head on over to the thread and post your guess, make sure it's at least 2 weeks out!