INRIX Traffic has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. INRIX is a traffic information app that will highlight reported traffic delays in your area. INRIX pulls from over 5 billion data points from commercial fleets, in-dash GPS units and other consumer devices to collect traffic information to make your travels as smooth flowing as possible.

INRIX Traffic also pulls anonymous data from users to determine traffic flow. The information is layed out nicely on INRIX's maps with highlighted roadways that indicate trouble spots (e.g green highlight for fast/smooth flow, red highlights for stop and go traffic). Additionally, traffic cone icons are available to pull up additional information on the traffic conditions.

Additional features include:

  • Real-time traffic conditions: Quickly view real-time traffic flow maps in cities across 20+ countries; this includes freeways and arterial roadways.
  • View traffic incidents – including construction, accidents, and live police.
  • Local events: Games, concerts, construction and road closures can significantly affect driving times; knowing when and where these happen can help you better plan your route.

INRIX Traffic is a free app available here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.