This week Domino's Pizza jumped into the world of Xbox One applications. Or in the UK and Republic of Ireland it did, at least. It's not the first time a pizza delivery app has been available on a games console, but Domino's latest joins its apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

So, while we're waiting on it getting out into a few more countries we've fired up a British console and gone for a test order. All in the name of, er, science. Or something.

Anyone who's ever used the Domino's app for Windows will feel right at home immediately. It's pretty much a carbon copy and it's everything you'd expect from a good Xbox One app. Big, bright images, bold text and an ultimately enjoyable experience. When you consider how tough to navigate Domino's own website can be it's amazing how much quicker you can order your food through your Xbox.

One of the coolest features though has to be the Pizza Tracker. Once you've chosen your food and paid for it you get Domino's live tracker to follow the progress of your order. And you can snap it alongside whatever else you're doing on your Xbox One until the knock on the door.

So if you're in the UK or Ireland and building up to a heavy gaming session this weekend, know that you can feed yourself with ease! If you've not checked it out yet, go ahead and grab it for free from the Xbox Store.