Ghostscape Ringtones

Back in January, WPCentral mentioned that Ghostscape would be receiving free ringtones in a future update. Just a couple of months later, that update has landed, and we’ve got the full details.

Ghostscape version 1.2 release notes:

  • Fast App Switching support
  • Framerate increased to 60 FPS (not that that makes much diff to a point and click puzzle game)
  • Resolution of room images has increased to show more detail
  • Live tiles added (one of five different images appears at random)
  • Five free ringtones added under ‘Help & Options’ menu (not available in Trial version)

That’s a fairly hefty batch of improvements. The ringtones are actually quite good and remind me of classic Amiga soundtracks. If you own Ghostscape, I highly recommend installing them. And if you haven’t picked the game up, perhaps these tones and tweaks will convince you to cross the threshold.

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Ghostscape's creepy new Live tile images

Ghostscape is a first-person horror-themed adventure game. It’s short and has delightfully easy Achievements – see our review for more details.

Psionic Games’ Ghostscape costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Brave souls can get it here on the Marketplace.

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