Gimmal ​ ( is working hard on their Windows Phone version of GimmalPoint, developed by Liquid Daffodil​. You may well be familiar with the name, we last looked at the Windows 8 version when Liquid Daffodil were looking for folk to help get through issues reported by users. This was reported to be a successful venture so we're back again with another request for community input?.

So what's going down with the Windows Phone client? It's entering into private beta and the team is seeking testers to help try everything out. If you use SharePoint and wish to get involved with trying out this beta for the Windows Phone version of GimmalPoint, be sure to get in touch with the Liquid Daffodil team. More on this below.

Should you require reminding of exactly what's featured in GimmalPoint, you're looking at support for almost every SharePoint scenario, with documents, lists, libraries, discussions, tasks, announcements and more all available. The ability to pin locations to the Start screen. There's also the option to download documents locally - it's a fully featured client.

So, what's the idea? The beta is open to anyone in the world and Liquid Daffodil wishes to get people involved who reside in non-English speaking countries, but everyone is welcome to try the beta out. To gain access to the beta period, simply fire the team an email at and let them know. They'll get you sorted and ready to go.

Be sure to grab the Windows 8 app while you're looking at SharePoint solutions.

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