We still have a couple of weeks before we learn when the Xperia X1 will be released in the U.S. — but you can at least figure out how to use it in the interim.

Engadget Mobile spied the user guide (pdf link) to the long-awaited (and awaited ... and awaited) Sony Ericsson device. We'd previously seen a couple shots from the manual, but it's good to finally see the whole thing.

A couple of interesting notes:

  • Instructions for video calling. Dieter recently gave us the good news that the North American version (X1a) of the phone will keep the front-facing camera, but don't expect to actually make a two-way video call on AT&T.
  • Instructions for the built-in RSS reader. A nice touch.
  • aGPS and QuickGPS. We've discussed aGPS before (and AT&T recently flipped the switch on it). QuickGPS downloads the positions of the satellites from a server and uses that knowledge to lock in more quickly.

So, yeah, we're still tapping our fingers waiting on an official release date and price.

Here's a thought: We've been expecting this thing to come out on AT&T, given the radio bands it uses. But with the number of customizations built into software side of the device, is it possible Sony Ericsson will just release it unlocked and keep meddling hands off its ROM? Probably not, seeing as how it's carrier-wed in Europe. But a boy can dream.