DecalGirl for Windows Phone

You could stick someone in a room with Dieter Rams for a week and they could still leave having absolutely no appreciation of industrial design. For those friends, you can gift them these wild, wacky, and plain tacky (kind of cool) smartphone covers for their Lumia 920 or HTC 8X.

DecalGirl has some skins to cover up the latest and greatest Windows Phone devices. They all go for about $10 and have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

My personal favorite is the leopard print, what better way to show off my color blindness than the faux pattern of a majestic beast. Look, I get it, you want to be yourself and have the exterior of your smartphone be an extension of you. So put your shoulders back and head high as you sport your leopard pattern Windows Phone around the block.

Snarky Sam aside, it’s great to see companies pay attention to the platform and give us some options in the accessories department. It’s only a matter of time where we get to go to a place like CES and face an overwhelming selection of cases.

Honestly, the Tetris one above is kind of awesome and complements the Windows Phone interface rather nicely. Head on over to DecalGirl to browse their selection of skin for either your Lumia 920 (right here) or HTC 8X (right here).

I'll make you guys a deal, pick which one I should buy and demo on my Lumia 920. Which ever design gets the most votes or mentions, I'll nab. Unless you pick the leapard print, in which case we're no longer friends.

Thanks for the tip JFossTheBoss

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