Like the panoramic view of Windows Phone 7 Series?  Wish you could have tiles on your personal computer?  Want to see more of WP7S on your computer than just the emulator?  If such is the case, we might have stumbled upon a solution for you.

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform that will let you use skins to enhance your Windows computer. Rainmeter has it's own following of chefs that create new skins for the platform (similar to the ROM Chefs for Windows Mobile) with varying color patterns, information displayed, and themes.

One such cooked up skin is the Omnimo UI which is based on the Metro-UI design of Windows Phone 7 Series. Tiles on Omnimo can be customized from content to color to number. The only thing missing is the touch navigation.

Simply download/install the Rainmeter program on your Windows Computer (Win XP or later) and then do the same with the Omnimo UI program. Both programs are complex by way of tons of customization options.  It took me about ten minutes to download, install and get the Omnimo UI running.  It will likely take me days to explore all the options both Omnimo and Rainmeter have to offer.

Just as with cooked ROMs, there is plenty of forum discussion on the both program's development to help guide users along.