The price for the popular Windows Phone 8 third party Twitter app glƏƏk! shot up today to $99.99, and it's not a mistake. Its developer Liquid Daffodil has revealed the reason for the massive boost in price, claiming that the app is close to reaching its token limit as required by Twitter for all third party apps.

WPCentral received tips from readers this morning that the price for glƏƏk! had gone up from its previous $1.99 to $99.99. The official Twitter page for Liquid Daffodil confirmed the news and added, " ... we want it available for existing users to reinstall but discourage any new users." The reason? The developer stated in a subsequent message, "... the app is close to its Twitter Token limit." The developer will continue to offer bug fixes along with "anything we've already promised" but there will be no new features released for the app.


In addition to the Windows Phone 8 version going up in price, we have also discovered that the Windows 8 version of glƏƏk! has already been removed from the Windows Store and is no longer available for download. It would appear that Liquid Daffodil is trying to keep the Windows Phone 8 version available for as long as it can and pricing it at $99.99 should keep it safe in the store.

We have seen Twitter's token limits take down other third party apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8 in the past, such as Rowi and most recently MetroTwit.

Are you sad that glƏƏk! is reaching the end of its life? Thanks to Carlos and Devarshi for the tips!

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Source: Liquid Daffodil on Twitter