It’s not exactly a secret that Nokia’s forthcoming ‘Bittersweet shimmer’ firmware update, which will coincide with the GDR3 OS release, will sport Glance screen notifications. Indeed, we speculated as much before it was confirmed two days later in the famous leak of the new Lumia build.

Interestingly, Microsoft Norway just posted this above photo to their Instagram account and if you look closely, you’ll see a few notifications awaiting the owner of that Lumia 925.  Of course the rest of the image is actually highlighting the Surface 2, Xbox controller and Halo Spartan Assault, but that’s still a neat confirmation of this new feature.

From the earlier GDR3 video leak by xs2k

Nokia’s Bittersweet shimmer and GDR3 will presumably be showcased next month in Abu Dhabi, where Nokia will be hosting their final Nokia World event. Nokia is expected to unveil their Lumia 1520 phablet, Lumia 2520 tablet and maybe even a few other Windows Phone tidbits.

Glance screen notifications should greatly enhance the unique Lumia feature. We’ve heard that it was originally supposed to come with GDR2 and Amber but due to time constraints it was pushed back. No word on exact availability of the third and final OS update before Windows Phone 8.1, though November has been suggested.

Source: Microsoft Norway (Instagram); Thanks, Tor A., for the tip!