If you are currently using Nokia’s Glance Background Beta, you will want to check out the Windows Phone 8 app.

It is the official Windows Phone app for the website and delivers a healthy supply of Glance Background images to your Windows Phone. You can also register with to create and upload your own images to the collections.

The layout for is fairly simple with the main page offering up a small sample of the featured images. A menu tile is in the upper left corner that will pull up the full menu for Menu, Featured Page and Image View

Here you will find options to log in/create a account, view the Featured, Hot or New background images, and scroll through the various categories of Glance background images. Categories include Cars, Brands/Logos, Gaming, Scenic, Movies and more.

Once you find a background to use, just tap the download button and the image is saved to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub. From there you will need to launch Nokia’s Glance Background app to convert the image to a Glance Background.

The app delivers a ton of images to your Windows Phone and is a great companion app to the Glance Background app. It is a free, ad-support application that is available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of here in the Windows Phone Store.

Keep in mind that while can be installed on non-Lumia Windows Phones, the Glance feature is only available for Lumia Windows Phones.

Thanks, Barry, for the tip!