Gleek! 1.8 Windows Phone 8

Popular Twitter client glƏƏk! is now available for Windows Phone 8 to take full advantage of the new tools and functionality available to developers. The developer, Liquid Daffodil has introduced a number of new features in glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8, pleasing those who have just invested in a new Windows Phone.

Of the new features included in the latest version, custom wallpapers are now beamed down from Starship Enterprise should the user configure glƏƏk! to have access to the device lock screen. The setting will include a selection of high quality images that show off the larger displays found on Windows Phone 8 hardware.

Speaking of lock screen integration, both the counter and billboard for new mentions are now supported, providing the user the option to use either when customising the locked view. But what's probably more interesting to power users are the added voice commands that are now present in glƏƏk!.


Using the Windows Phone speech recognition feature, users can launch glƏƏk!, compose new tweets and more. But that's not all as the developer has gone the extra mile by including voice commands within the app, that don't require a press + hold on the Windows button. Example: when selecting a tweet, one can simply say "quote" or "reply" and the app will start a new tweet depending on which command is detected. This is available for a number of actions.

Check out our quick walkthrough of what's new in the Windows Phone 8 version (as well as a look at the new voice commands):

You can download glƏƏk! from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (£1.49), with a free trial readily available. Thanks, The_coolestnerd, for the tip!

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