Glowdeck, a new Bluetooth speaker with built-in wireless charging, is set for release later this year. It's no ordinary speaker though as it will not only stream your music through a pair of high-quality stereo speakers — but it will also charge your Qi-compatible device just by setting it down on top of the speaker. But the fun doesn't even stop there — Glowdeck will also show all of your notifications in Streams on the bottom of the speaker's display, while your phone is charging.

Streams is an OS that is totally customizable and allows you to see what you want, when you want it — right on your Glowdeck. So even when your phone is charging, you won't miss an email or important news story. Best of all? Glowdeck has a native Windows Phone 8 app ready to go for launch.

Streams is an OS that you customize to track the information you care about. When the OS detects something new, it notifies you with light displays general information about the incoming content. For example, if you receive a new email, Glowdeck will display the name of the sender and the subject line. For a breaking news story on a topic you're interested in, you will see the press source and the headline.

Glowdeck is available in a Black Acrylic Edition for $219.99, and a Walnut Wood Edition for $249.99 — both set to ship this December. Check out more at

Source: @glowdeck; Thanks, Amir, for the tip!