Gmail for Windows Phone

We know many of you have wisely switched to for your email, but for some, either due to legacy or workplace requirements, Google’s Gmail is a necessity. While you can certainly add Gmail natively to Windows Phone, there’s no doubt that it lacks all of Google’s punch.

Developer EcoMerc has made a nifty Gmail app for Windows Phone, appropriately called ‘Gmail’. What makes this app unique is it’s reportedly based off of “…the exact same codebase as the official Gmail for iPhone/iPad”, meaning this will feel kind of like a true app for Windows Phone users.

Gmail for Windows Phone

Indeed the app Tile is very bold and dare we say, fits in nicely with our Start screen. Launching the app there is a small delay as the device pulls in data (about 5-7 seconds for us), but once loaded it acts like you’re in a full-fledged Gmail client, including access to labels, settings, archiving, mute and report spam, to name a few. It's quite impressive.

The app itself is completely free with only a single ad in the About page, meaning you never really see it. What’s really clever is for $0.99 you can remove that one ad and get push notifications—now that is something we haven’t seen before.

We’re not going to pull punches here: if you need Gmail on your Windows Phone, including all of Google’s more advanced management tools, then this app is all you need. It’s been working well on our end during testing and is laid out quite nicely.

You can pick up Gmail by EcoMerc for free in the Store here or opt for the $0.99 version with push notifications here. Windows Phone 7.x and 8 supported.

(As a side note, please try to keep the anti-Google comments to a minimum. For one, no one really cares, and two, it's not helpful. Kthxbai!)

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