Windows Phone 7 owners are experiencing an error with synchronizing mail with their Google email accounts. Receiving the error code 85010001, no one seems to have a concrete understanding as to the cause of the problem, or a possible solution.

The error prevents Gmail from synchronizing your mail (whether it be automatic push or regular checks) and for those who leave their phone on during the night to catch emails in the more, this can become extremely frustrating. 

A thread over at the Google Support forums has produced some potential solutions that have reportedly worked for some but not for others. If you experience this problem repeatedly, try the below steps:

  1. Reboot device.
  2. Change your language from English US to English UK; reboot and change back again (US only).
  3. Check if you have any stuck outgoing mail or draft messages.

The team at Google are attempting to reproduce the problem, but are having slight difficulty. I, myself, haven’t hit this issue yet and the problem seems to be not local, but worldwide. If you have a potential fix that has worked for you, head on over to the thread linked above to publish your findings, as well as letting us know of the outcome so we can update this post.

Are you experiencing this problem with your Gmail? Join in the conversation over at our forum. We will – of course – keep you posted with any updates we come across.