We're today revisiting the Exchange ActiveSync saga between Google and Microsoft. Google has once again provided Windows Phone consumers with an extension to access services using EAS. The company extended the grace period to July 31st, but now Google will be looking at December 31st to provide Microsoft more time to implement CardDAV and CalDAV support in the latest Windows Phone 8 update, according to a report over on The Verge.

This grace period offered by Google will provide Microsoft enough time to have the update fired out to all consumers so they'll be able to continue enjoying Google services using both CardDav and CalDAV, both which are now required. The plan to cut off support caught Microsoft by surprise last year when Google chose to cease supporting EAS, preventing new Windows Phone owners from setting up their Google accounts to sync calendar and contacts.

Microsoft acted quickly by both removing ActiveSync from account setup and securing an extension from Google, which has again been matched today - good news for those who are waiting for the GDR2 update to enable support on their Windows Phones. This is just the next page in the battle between the two companies, but at least there's some middle ground to work with for consumers.

Source: The Verge