Google yesterday released the SDK for version 2.3 of the Android OS (AKA Gingerbread). There are a number of new features offered for both developers and end-users including basic UI and speed improvements, better power management, Near-field communications, and support for SIP (voice and video chat).

Increased support for gaming is one area that Gingerbread has received a lot of attention recently, in part due to the oft-rumored PSP phone. Android 2.3 does a number of very geeky things in the background to increase performance, as well as allowing developers access to additional sensor events. Additionally, new video drivers and native graphics management will give Gingerbread applications improved graphics quality.

For all of the flak that Microsoft has received over their re-entry into the Mobile segment with Windows Phone 7, it’s worth noting that Xbox live is currently the most complete mobile gaming platform on the market. No other device on the planet offers the same combination of graphics, performance, communication technologies, and social gaming that can be found on a Windows Phone. Google and Apple are only recently turning their focus towards gaming with Apple’s Game Center and increased features for developers on both iOS and Android, but no other platform can compete fully right now with Xbox live on Windows Phone 7.