Windows Phone games

Windows Phone app developers who depend on in-app revenues from the Google AdMob network should be able to rest easier today. The problems that were causing ad fill rates for those apps to take a steep drop have apparently been fixed.

Google announced the problems have been solved earlier today on their AdMob Twitter account:

"Last night we fixed the Windows Phone issue in AdMob and fill rates should be back to normal. Thanks for bearing with us."

The problems were first noticed by Windows Phone developers a couple of weeks ago, but the company didn't seem to indicate they were even aware of the issues until the problems got promoted in the press. After that happened earlier this week, the company finally said they were working to fix the problems. There's still no word on what caused the issues in the first place.

Source: Google AdMob (Twitter); Via: TechCrunch; Thanks to misterff1 for the tip!