Ha HA! I've been jealous of my PalmOS buddies with their fancy Google Maps on their less-than-fancy devices. Now it's available for Windows Mobile (and Pocket PC 2003 and up) - both PPC and Smartphone Edition. I'm downloading as I type!

I still think that Live Search Beta and Microsoft's Virtual Earth for Mobile are pretty cool, but I adore Google Maps on PalmOS. Updates as soon as I've played around a bit. Go to http://www.google.com/gmm on your mobile device to get it!

Update: Well, a full review will come later, but for now I'll say it works great on a T-Mobile Dash and on a T-Mobile MDA. Love it. Dragging stuff around is fun on the PPC edition, too. Also includes traffic updates. Screen Shots after the jump.

Like other versions of Google Maps for mobile, with this Windows Mobile version you can find businesses and see real-time traffic updates, along with unique features like contacts integration, GPS support, draggable maps, and tap and hold menus. The business search function proved particularly useful to find delicious Italian food in Half Moon Bay to sate our jet-lagged stomachs. You can download the application here and ActiveSync, or visit google.com/gmm for more information.

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Google Maps for WM5 Smartphone Edition (T-Mobile Dash)

Google Maps for WM5 Pocket PC Edition (T-Mobile MDA)