Google Search becomes WP friendly

Though we give Google a lot of flak around here, after all, their "apps" for Windows Phone are basically non-existent (save one lame one), we'll give credit where it is due. Evidently, if you go to in IE9 on Windows Phone, you get the above screens, part of their continuing "make over" for Windows Phone.

The first prompts you to pin Google Search to your start screen. When tapped, it opens a new "blue" page that is properly formatted to be pinned. You simply select "pin to start" in the menu and it creates a tile.

Sure, we want more from Google on Windows Phone, but you have to admit it's a creative use of the "pin to start" feature for our OS. Heck, we'd like to see more sites adopt this little trick for site promotions, why not?

Thanks, abond32, for the tip!