For those who use Google Voice (hey, some of us have 4 carrier accounts and need number management!), you've been probably hurting since Mango came out with the app selection. Our go-to app has always been GoVoice, which while not perfect is by far "the best of the bunch" in our opinion. Still, while it's a solid app it hasn't had an update in a while, has an issue with the counter ("1" would permanently be on the Live Tile) and it certainly is not Mango-optimized.

Now the developer, Nick Yu, is back working on version 3.2 which is nearing completion. In fact, we're running it right now with great success. Here's the changelog:

  • Smart dialing/texting - Type the phone/name of a contact without going into the contact picker
  • Hyperlink within a message - click on the link, email, or phone number directly in text messages
  • Better notification setup - eliminating the need to leave app to setup GVMax. All gmail forwarding is set up in the app
  • Better tombstoning and Mango support - resume app faster
  • Better scrolling within conversations
  • Added the ability to call phones directly and not through GoVoice
  • Minor other fixes

The biggest thing we've noticed? Speed. It's so much faster now both in terms of launching and scrolling. In turn, this has made using GoVoice much more "native" like since it doesn't feel tedious to load or use like the current situation. Also, notifications are quicker and more reliable. We don't have a release date, but since we're running a near-final version, you can bet it's real close. Grab the non-Mango version of GoVoice v3.1 for free here in the Marketplace. We'll keep you posted when version 3.2 lands.

Between this app and 4th & Mayor's impending Mango-makeover, our week has been made.