MetroTalk for Windows Phone v2.5

If you use Google Voice because like us, you have multiple phone numbers or you just like the free data-driven SMS feature, then you should check out MetroTalk for Windows Phone.

The app started off decent enough when it was first launched months ago but it has quickly ramped up to be one of the best, most fully featured Google Talk clients for Windows Phone—that’s specially good since Google doesn’t seem interested in supporting their own services.


Now, the developer has made the normally $1.49 app free for the next 48 hours. That’s a heck of a good deal especially since the app was just updated on October 13th to a version that will work with Windows Phone 8 and will be updated for WP8 features in the coming weeks.

We’ve used MetroTalk for quite some time and we think it’s a solid app with some great developer support behind it. While you could use the free, ad-supported version, why not head to the Store and grab yourself the full paid iteration for $0? The app does have push notifications done through a simple setup procedure on the device to ensure timely updates and the UI is quite sharp. 

Go grab MetroTalk here in the Windows Phone Store before the price goes back up. And if you like it, remember to leave a positive review for it in the Store.

QR: MetroTalk