GooNews (see video review) was one our favorite apps on Windows Phone as it not only offered a nice, smooth UI for accessing Google News, but also allowed you to have custom feeds. The app was free, then $0.99 or ad-supported and was really the only one of its kind (as far as we know).

Developer Shawn Wildermuth has reluctantly given up on GooNews, pulling it from the Marketplace, despite very positive user feedback. The reasons come down to frustration with the app approval process, inconsistencies in approval and just plain running out of steam. As Wildermuth explains, GooNews had a major bug in it which he tried to address but he soon found his app stuck in approval hell, eventually being rejected for something it had always had in the past. After paying $40 in fees just to get it approved (later refunded), he just could not get the app through. The story is reminiscent of GVoice and that developer's problems with getting an update through as well.

Wildermuth acknowledges that a lot of this is probably growing pains and he's not giving up on Windows Phone 7:

I think that once they figure out their customer service issues, it'll be a good experience. I know a lot of developers who have had good experiences with the Marketplace. I just don't have enough time to deal with the ineptitudes. I won't be updating my existing applications or submitting new ones until I am satisfied that the Customer Service, Testing and Support issues are solved. Its not worth my time.

Still, sad to see such a fine app disappear. Read about Wildermuth's experiences here, it's a good tale. [Update: When we asked, Shawn said he is considering making GooNews open source for others]

via: @ShawnWildermuth