Back a few months ago, we took a look at GooNews--a Google News reader for Windows Phone, which was one of the first (and in our opinion, nicest) apps around. Then, do to some Marketplace hijinks that caused the app to be rejected on something it was previously accepted for, developer Shawn Wildermuth pulled the app in frustration.

Luckily for us, the app is now back in the Marketplace with a few bonuses:

  • No ads
  • Completely free (and always will be)
  • New features

New in v3.0:

  1. Changed UI Colors to be easier to read
  2. Changed navigation to Story be the GoogleNews info (which shows sources)
  3. Changed Settings Page to use easier to use control

Check our video review to get an idea and grab the app for yourself in the marketplace, it's on our must-have list.