Phonly is a gorgeous Feedly client for Windows Phone, which was released to the store last month. The app also sports lockscreen integration, InstaPaper and Pocket support. While the app has only been out for a short while, already we're looking at a rather nice update, bumping the app to version 1.2. If you use the Feedly service, we strongly urge you to check out Phonly, and best of all it's free to download. So, what's new in 1.2?

Here's what we're looking at in the latest release (according to the change log on the store listing): 

  • Buffer support
  • Instapaper mobilizer performance improvement
  • Application live tile shows latest article with image
  • Select if live tiles should use your phone's theme color

There you have it, folks. Phonly is one of those gems that are worth downloading just to try them out. You can download Phonly for free from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Phonly