Uses of GoVoice will pleased to know there is a new update live in the Marketplace. Version 3.1 brings quite a few nice fixes to the table:

  • Fix the crashes for some users
  • Fix the crash for sending long text messages
  • More performance improvements to Scrolling
  • A better Metro look

If you recall, GoVoice went completely free (and is still ad free) a few weeks ago, so there's little reason to try the app with it's push notifications/Live Tile support. Interestingly, the paid version's update was certified but it's not yet live in the Marketplace. That's okay though as you can just download the "Free" version and use that instead (there's no difference).

In related news, Sprint announced awhile back that they will be supporting direct usage of Google Voice on Sprint phones--meaning all numbers called from your Sprint phone can appear as your Google Voice account. Invites for the pre-release went out last night and the general rollout is expected to occur on April 26th. More info on that from Sprint here.

Source: Twitter (@GoVoiceApp)