GPS Voice Navigation, one of the few voice navigation apps for your Windows Phone, is slated for a hefty update. Developers tell us that they have submitted v2 to Microsoft for certification. If all goes well, the updated version should be available in a few days and will improve upon or add to GPS Voice Navigation in the following manner.

  • Added multilanguage support for both UI and routing for all currently supported WP languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, SP)
  • Significantly improved voice guidance behavior on the road including small features such as roundabout support, composite directions such as Turn left then turn right, timing, etc
  • Improved numerous layout features including better landscape view, smoother animations, more stable behavior of the map
  • Improved searching and favorite destinations functionality
  • Significantly improved map loading performance
  • Addressed a common issue with not being able to find a route in situations when the GPS is not ready yet, or there is an internet connection issue
  • Improved overall stability of the app.

The developer shares that many of the tweaks and improvements are based on user reviews and responding to user feedback. We have been working on a voice navigation round up with GPS Voice Navigation, Turn by Turn Navigation and aSPass. In using v1 of GPS Voice Navigation, we found it to be a very good voice navigation app but with a few glitches. Glitches that should be addressed with v2 and we'll update the round-up before it goes to print.

There is a free trial available for GPS Voice Navigation with the full version of the app costing $6.99. You can find v1 here (opens Zune) and hopefully in the next few days the link will take you to v2.