Grand Theft Auto V for PC

Rockstar Games has released a new trailer showing how the long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will look running at 60 frames per second. It's finally scheduled to be released on April 14.

The trailer shows some impressive looking visuals, and it proves that if you have a PC that can handle the hardware requirements, it will be the best-looking version of the hit open-world crime action game. PC fans have had to deal with the fact that their version of GTA V will be released after the console versions; the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions came out in the fall of 2013, while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions were released in the fall of 2014. The PC game was going to come out on Jan. 27, before it got delayed, first to March 24 and finally to April 14.

In addition to all of the content from the console editions, the PC version of GTA V will include an exclusive Rockstar Editor so players can quickly create their own custom in-game videos.

Source: Rockstar Games