Looking for a neat musical instrument for your Windows Phone? Take a gander at Grantophone.

It's an expressive musical instrument that incorporates your Windows Phone accelerometer to control the vibrato and to measure strike velocity for articulation. There are thirteen tones to choose from on Grantophone ranging from Laser to Flanger to Resonant. The keyboard is a 4x13 grid with associated notes displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Now I have about enough musical talent and know how to fill a thimble so I won't begin to get into the instrumental capabilities of this app. I will gladly defer to the developer in the above video to describe the finer points of this neat little app.

The sound is a little bit techno and at times reminded me of a light saber duel. The only nit I can see with Grantophone is that the control to switch from tone to tone is a little cumbersome to manipulate making it a challenge to switch tones on the fly.

Grantophone is a free app and if you want a cool, unique way to play music from your Windows Phone it's worth checking out. You can find Grantophone here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Grantophone is a Mango app so you'll need to have updated your Windows Phone to 7.5 before you'll be able to rock the house.