It's pretty well established that for whatever reason current HTC devices don't come with their graphics hardware enabled  (2D and/or 3D) and while we don't have the energy here to dive into the nitty gritty (that's for a Wiki), we can install a .cab file.

NeoS2007 over at XDA just released his v3 of his famed graphics driver pack for certain WinMo devices (Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD, Touch Pro 2, Touch Diamond 2 and Sony Ericsson X1).  This .cab basically installs "... the OpenGL ES 1.1 Driver by ATI/AMD with the latest dll's, combined with the latest OpenVG driver".

The idea of course is to speed up the graphics performance when running graphic intensive apps, including Manilla/TouchFlo 3D.  Does it work? It certainly didn't hurt our Sprint Touch Pro 2 and heck, sure it seems a bit zippier. But always hard to tell.  Still may be worth a shot as reportedly it helps with GPS apps like iGO.

Likewise, Noir posted a "d3d driver demo" by game maker MindPol for 480x800 devices. Reportedly they are working on their own driver for their games, to get results like these during game play.  Having recently played some iPhone games myself, yeah, WinMo currently needs all the help it can get.  (Note the MindPol is just a demo and won't work for any software you may have.)