Ready for some serious platforming? Gravity Guy from Miniclip is now available in the Marketplace.

Gravity Guy is a game based entirely around playing with gravity. As the hero automatically runs from left to right, players must reverse gravity back and forth in order to help him make it past obstacles. The game quickly becomes challenging, requiring split-second reflexes and perhaps a touch of memorization in order to keep Gravity Guy from the graveyard. The urge to get just a bit farther pushes players on…

Not only is Gravity Guy a pretty game, with well-drawn characters and backgrounds containing a lot of depth, but it’s also multiplayer! Just not online. That’s right, Gravity Guy is one of the few mobile Xbox Live games to feature local multiplayer that isn’t a board game. Up to four players can participate simultaneously, tapping their respective corners of the screen in order to flip their individual heroes. Multiplayer might not be comfy, but it’s something.

Gravity Guy costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Hop over here (Zune link) to get it from the Marketplace.

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