While it may not be the famous Pink Panther diamond, the HTC prototypes unveiled at Mobile World Congress were considered by many to be gems of an electronic nature. Then somebody decided to play the role of the Phantom and relieved Telstra Chief Executive Sol Trujillo of one of the new HTC devices (either a Touch Diamond 2 or Touch Pro 2) that Microsoft had loaned him. The reports are sketchy and the Australian Communications Company Exec is discounting the reports as not being true.

There is no confirmation as to what was loaded on the HTC phone, but reports are confirming that Microsoft indeed had loaned the phone to Trujillo and it was running the new Windows Mobile 6.5. We also know that Dieter was seen at the buffet line around the time of the heist trying to see how many shrimp he could stack on his plate. I wonder if we'll see a listing on eBay or Craig's List for a slightly used, Windows Mobile 6.5 phone in the near future?

[Read: News.Cnet.com]

Update: Now it appears the data and operating system on the stolen device were remotely wiped clean once the heist was reported. A Microsoft staffer told APC Mag that all sensitive data was wiped from the stolen device.