Green Nokia Lumia 920

Back at the end of March, a new color variant of the Lumia 920 was spotted on Nokia Jordan’s Facebook page. The green Lumia 920 was adorned with mint leaves near the bottom and it was unclear if it was an April fool’s joke or a tease (it was actually posted on March 28th, making an April 1st joke a bit untimely).

Now, E-Store Australia is listing a Lumia 920 in green, including the IDs--Part No: NOK0120 MPN: 060585--on their site with an asking price of $792 (or about $763 in USD). The device is of course out of stock with no ETA either.

Green Nokia Lumia 920

What’s curious though is the render that is included. Here, the green is not quite as “minty” looking and instead reflects a slightly darker green. It’s also a completely different angle than the earlier Nokia Jordan one, meaning they didn’t simply copy-paste this render. That raises the question as to where they got it and why they’re listing it in the first place? (We should also note you can actually order it, even though it is out-of-stock).

There is precedence for Nokia releasing new colors of the Lumias, even this late in its production. For instance, we saw red and pink Lumia 900’s pop up on various carriers, including AT&T last year (even glossy white was a last minute addition).

Could Nokia be experimenting with a green color too for the 920? We sure hope so, because if it’s one thing we like around here, it’s audacious and bright Windows Phones.

Source: E-Store, Australia; Thanks,  Michael, for the tip!