We like our "arcade" style games around these parts, call us old or whatever, but there's something fun about these types of games. Gridd is fairly basic: you have a ship, you tilt the phone, it auto-shoots and you dodge or destroy on coming enemies.

For us, it's like TapSlosion + OMG mixed.

The game fetches for $1.99, which is a bit higher than the $0.99 range we usually see such games fall in. It lacks global leader boards and the tilt sensitivity needs to be increased (it's a bit sluggish). Having said that, the graphics and sound are pretty top notch and we like the design--heck with an update or two, it can be a real break out game. So although we like it, we'll have to recommend you give the trial a go (user feedback suggests it doesn't run on the Surround, for be forewarned)

Grab it here in the Marketplace.