The official Foursquare app for Windows Phone just got bumped to version 2.12 and includes “bug fixes, Thai and Indonesian languages added and application compatibility with Windows Phone 8”. All of that sounds good and people may be wondering what “compatibility with Windows Phone 8” actually means. Turns out, not much.

What we mean by that is there are no new functions here—no fast app resume, no doublewide tile, nothing for the Lockscreen, etc. It just means it should work properly on Windows Phone 8 and indeed, it does. We’re not knocking Foursquare as we’re sure they’ll release a WP8 version in the near future, but as of right now, this is quite minor.

Meanwhile, 4th&Mayor does support fast-app resume, meaning once it’s launched if you were to re-tap the app in the list or as a Tile, it resumes back where you left off instead of re-launching.  That’s of course a Windows Phone 8 thing and it’s quite useful for obvious reasons.

Likewise, Groupon has also been bumped to a modest 3.0 for Windows Phone and this one does feature those WP8 new features like Lockscreen support (live wallpaper) and Wallet integration.  In fact, it’s the same version we showed you the other day in our Windows Phone 8 apps preview. Of course current users can go and download that too, you just won’t get those super neat features.

Pick up Foursquare here and Groupon here in the Windows Phone Store.

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