So sayeth lukeuei over at Backstage at MED. The link to purchase should pop up here. Now, some confessions:

  • Confession 1: We missed the last “little” WMExperts Podcast because I was at CTIA last week and couldn't fit it in. I suggested to lalala that I might fit it in this past weekend, but I found myself needing to defeat GHIII on Medium instead. To make up for it we're bringing our CTIA co-reporter Kevin Michaluk on as a guest on this week's podcast.
  • Confession 2: I went to a RIM party at CTIA, thrown to celebrate the launch of Guitar Hero III on the BlackBerry. I was somewhat mortified that a high-level game like GHIII would make it to the BlackBerry platform before Windows Mobile, but this mortification was eased by the fact that Magmic and RIM gave us free drinks.

Based on this latter confession, that I was shoulder-to-shoulder with the folks who brought you the CrackBerry, I can tell you this much: Guitar Hero III (at least as it appeared on the BlackBerry Pearl) stunk it up. Sound was intermittent, button response was terrible, and I wasn't fond of the subscription pricing model. Either it will be great on WinMo and we'll have something else to brag about or, ah, it won't.

We'll let you know either way.